Printer Support

Printers are fringe gadgets utilized for creating printed versions of reports put away on your PC. Despite the fact that we are moving towards getting to be without paper, regardless we require printers to keep printed copies of reports. In any case, regardless of how cutting-edge our printer is and how solid and high in quality it is, we may experience one issue or the other while utilizing it. A portion of the issues that we may look with our printer incorporate.

  • Printer working at low speed or not printing by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Can't introduce a printer.
  • A portion of the highlights of your printer are not working.
  • Printed designs or content are deficient.
  • Text styles disappear or they are not the same as what they look like on the screen.
  • Prints are spotty or too light.
  • Mistake messages are demonstrated at whatever point it is given a printing order.
  • Pictures are printing legitimately, however its lighter duplicates are additionally being imprinted on different sides of the paper.
  • Paper stalls out in the paper
  • Can't print from MS-DOS.