About Company

ELYSIAN SERVE TECHNOLOGIES is primarily an INDIAN Technical service provider, who is partnered with QCS LLC situated in the USA who ultimately provides industry leading technical support to both home and business clients. All our techs are experienced, friendly, professional and based in the USA,INDIA,PHILIPPINES & UK.

Our goal is to provide you with quick and efficient solutions to all of your technology problems whatever they may be. We've worked with thousands of happy customers over the years and even include a 100% money back guarantee for all of our home support plans.

With ELYSIAN SERVE TECHNOLOGIES, you'll never have to worry about diagnostic fees, labor fees, additional fees or hidden fees of any kind. We charge a flat monthly or annual rate so that you're never left wondering.

No matter what your technology needs are, we can provide you with a fast and friendly answer. Collectively, our team is able to handle a very wide array of tech issues. Our experienced team helps both home users and businesses achieve a new level of tech support.

ELYSIAN SERVE TECHNOLOGIES is the reliable, friendly and highly experienced way to solve ALL of your technology problems! And our home support plans are backed by our money back guarantee. Contact us today!

our team

Sawan Jha

Managing Director


Co-Founder & CEO

Pranev Kumar

Web Designer & Web Developer

Wasim Bhat

Project Manager


What People Say About Us

“The technician was kind, courteous and patient. He explained what he did and told me everything was working fine. We started my computer twice to make sure everything will work fine after the work was finished.”

Nand Kishore Sharma

“Always ready and willing to help. Very polite and understanding and most of all... patient! Really great knowledge base to help with anything I have ever asked about. Previous vendor was very difficult to work with and, at times, very aggressive. Glad I found you guys.”

Abhay Pratap Singh

“I got a lot of pop-ups on my computer. I have a tendency to go online a lot so I end up getting a lot of junk. I also didn't have enough drivers. So I called ELYSIAN, had them go through it and check it all up. I initially looked for list of tech support people online and I was trying to find out who was a good one. I then tried ELYSIAN. When I called them, they just went to my computer and did what they had to do. They took care of it and they were very nice to me. They call me back to tell me that everything was done and everything was fine.”